If you have any further questions not covered below regarding dome hire for your event then don’t hesitate to give us a call or get in touch.


Can we hang theming, props or audio visual equipment safely inside a dome?

Yes, in the Crossover domes, 6x6m and 8x8m – 400kg by way of 4 x 100kg rigging points. In the 100sqm Hexadome, there are 6 x 100kg rigging points so you can hang 600kg.


What areas do you service?

Beautiful Structures service the east coast of Australia, Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria and all central areas. We will quote on all jobs and travel anywhere.


Do you have sound systems for speeches or DJ’s and small bands?

Absolutely we do! We supply on systems that will be used in conjunction with dome marquee hire.


Can your domes be set up in snow?

Yes, our structures are designed and manufactured in Holland. Designed for the European winters. The unique shape and structural engineering ensures snow will slide off.


Can we have our company logo printed on the dome structures?

Yes! Two different ways. Temporary and permanent.

Whats the difference between temporary and permanent branding?

Temporary Branding: For one off or a few days of events, send us your logo and we have it printed and applied to the ‘skin’ of the dome.

Permanent Branding: We offer full branding, full skin printing. This procedure is printed on the skin prior to the dome shape manufacture. This is done in Holland. We offer frame hire for your printed skin, we offer warehousing of your skin and all logistics to have it delivered and set up anywhere in Australia.


Do you have heating for the domes for cold nights or weather?

Yes, we also have vertical gas heaters available.


What is the strongest wind the domes can handle?

100kph. Our domes are designed and engineered to take much force of nature.


Can we join the domes together – and make dome villages for events?

Yes, many people have! We have gutter/joiners to join all structures together. These gutters are also waterproof, keeping you and your guests dry inside.


Do you have flooring for the structures?

Of course! We use an imported birch hardwood panel with a brown phenolic resin film with a 10 mm diameter hexagonal pattern, to deliver a safe slip resistant flooring. This flooring is also CNC cut to ensure no gaps for ladies shoe heals to get caught.